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Hey Everyone Again

OK I have this script where a user can update an entry however when I do the modify the record it doesn't work... Here is my code... Can someone help??

open (DBASE,"$hrdata/$qfile"); @ODB=<DBASE>; close (DBASE); open (DATABASE,">$hrdata/$qfile"); foreach $rec (@ODB){ chomp($rec); ($oldpositionid,$oldinstitution,$olddepartment,$oldconfirstname,$oldc +onlastname,$oldconemail,$oldconphone,$oldtitleposition,$oldposnumber, +$oldtypeposition,$oldprogramtype,$olddvmonth,$olddvday,$olddvyear,$ol +dedmonth,$oldedday,$oldedyear,$oldnumposition,$oldnumvacunit,$oldtots +alary,$oldbudgetsalary,$oldstatefundsources,$oldfedfundsources,$oldst +atebudgetcat,$oldpriclass,$oldsubip,$oldthetime,$oldapproved) = split +(/\t/,$rec); if ($oldpositionid != $viewpositionid) { print DATABASE "$oldpositionid\t$oldinstitution\t$olddepartment\t$ol +dconfirstname\t$oldconlastname\t$oldconemail\t$oldconphone\t$oldtitle +position\t$oldposnumber\t$oldtypeposition\t$oldprogramtype\t$olddvmon +th\t$olddvday\t$olddvyear\t$oldedmonth\t$oldedday\t$oldedyear\t$oldnu +mposition\t$oldnumvacunit\t$oldtotsalary\t$oldbudgetsalary\t$oldstate +fundsources\t$oldfedfundsources\t$oldstatebudgetcat\t$oldpriclass\t$o +ldsubip\t$oldthetime\t$oldapproved\n"; } else { print DATABASE "$viewpositionid\t$institution\t$department\t$confirs +tname\t$conlastname\t$conemail\t$conphone\t$titleposition\t$posnumber +\t$typeposition\t$programtype\t$dvmonth\t$dvday\t$dvyear\t$edmonth\t$ +edday\t$edyear\t$numposition\t$numvacunit\t$totsalary\t$budgetsalary\ +t$statefundsources\t$fedfundsources\t$statebudgetcat\t$priclass\t$ENV +{REMOTE_ADDR}\t$thetime\tNo\n"; } } close (DATABASE);

What is happened is it is reading each entry but when it writes it writes the same line as many times as there are entries... All of them being the entry I edited :(

Billy S.
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