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#type 'perl' for help # #This program scans a C-class subnet and prints the results to corresp +onding text file. #If a computer has once answered the ping, it will not be added to the + list again. #To sort the output type 'perl sort <textfile>' use strict; use Net::Ping; my $host; my $subnet; my %state; my $h; my $time; my $if; my $of; my $line; if ($ARGV[0] eq 'sort'){ &sort; exit; } unless ($subnet=$ARGV[0]){ &usage; exit; } open OF,">>$subnet\.txt"; for $h(1 .. 255){ $host="$subnet\.$h"; $state{$host}='' } while(){ open OF,">>$subnet\.txt"; for $h(1 .. 254){ #sleep 2; $host="$subnet\.$h"; my $p=Net::Ping->new('icmp'); print "\nPinging host $host"; if ($p->ping($host,1)){ print " alive"; if ($state{$host} ne 'up'){ $time=localtime(); print OF "$host\twas up at $time\n"; $state{$host}='up'; } } } close OF; sleep 600 } sub usage{ print" This program scans a C-class subnet and lists all machines, that have answered ping, in a text file. Use this program to sort the output. Usage: perl <subnet> Example: perl 192.168.0 Sort: perl sort <file> Example: perl sort 192.168.0.txt "; } sub sort{ unless ($if=$ARGV[1]){ &usage; exit; } open IF,"$if" or die "Cannot open file $if for read: $!"; $of=">s.$if"; open OF,$of; my @data=<IF>; my @sorted=grep {s/(^|\D)0+(\d)/$1$2/g,1} sort grep {s/(\d+)/sprintf"%06.6d",$1/ge,1} @data; foreach $line(@sorted){ print OF $line; } close IF; close OF; exit; }

In reply to Scan C-Class for used IP-addresses by cab

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