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#!/usr/bin/perl -w =head1 AUTHOR crazyinsomniac =head1 SYNOPSIS %>perl monkname =head1 TRIGGERS =head2 START <hr> =head2 END <!-- nodelets start here --> =cut use strict; use LWP::Simple qw(get); use HTML::TokeParser; my $PADD = ";user="; my $user = shift or die "usage: ". __FILE__ ." user"; my $file = get($PADD.$user) or die "Cannot get the page $PADD$user\n"; my $P = HTML::TokeParser->new(\$file); my $TRIGGER=0; # oooh my $CRAP = ""; while (my $T = $P->get_token() ) { # 0 1 2 3 4 if($$T[0] eq "S") # ["S", $tag, $attr, $attrseq, $text] { if(not $TRIGGER and $TRIGGER !=-1 and $$T[1] eq 'hr') { $TRIGGER=1; print STDERR "TRIGGER ON\n"; } else { $CRAP .= $$T[4] if $TRIGGER; } } elsif($$T[0] =~ /^(?:E|PI)$/ ) # end tag | process instruction { $CRAP .= $$T[2] if $TRIGGER; } elsif($$T[0] =~ /^(?:T|C|D)$/ ) # text | comment | declaration { if($$T[0] eq 'C' and $TRIGGER and $TRIGGER != -1 # and $$T[1] eq '<!-- nodelets start here -->') and $$T[1] =~ m{\Q<!-- Begin nodelets -->\E}) { $TRIGGER=-1; print STDERR "TRIGGER OFF\n"; } $CRAP .= $$T[1] if $TRIGGER; } } # endof while (my $T = $P->get_token) =head2 STRIP HTML Because I did wanted to match only the nodelets start here comment and + not these tags before the comment, I just strip the html off usign substr (last 55 characters). </td> <td width="20%" valign=top align=right> =cut # L to the V to the A to the L substr($CRAP,-55) = ''; # and now to massage crap (reverse the effects of code tags $CRAP =~ s{\n<FONT color="red">\+<\/FONT>}{}g; # multiline code $CRAP =~ s{<pre><TT><FONT size="-1">}{\<CODE\>}g; $CRAP =~ s{</FONT></TT></pre>}{\<\/CODE\>}g; # single line code $CRAP =~ s{<TT><FONT size="-1">}{\<CODE\>}g; $CRAP =~ s{</FONT></TT>}{\<\/CODE\>}g; $CRAP =~ s{\&lt\;}{<}g; $CRAP =~ s{\&gt\;}{>}g; $CRAP =~ s{\&#91\;}{\[}g; $CRAP =~ s{\&#93\;}{\]}g; $CRAP =~ s{\&quot;}{"}g; $CRAP =~ s{\&amp;}{\&}g; print $CRAP if(@ARGV); #print "$1\n\n\n" while($CRAP =~ m{\<code\>(.*?)<\/code\>}igs) print "$1\n\n\n" while($CRAP =~ m{\Q<pre><tt class="code"><font size=" +-1">\E(.*?)\Q</font></tt></pre>\E}igs) __END__

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