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package CoversProject::Client; $VERSION = '0.01'; use strict; use warnings; use Carp; use Frontier::Client; my $default = ''; sub ServerName { ${$_[0]}->{'url'}; } sub Default { $default } sub new { my( $class, %arg ) = @_; my $self = Frontier::Client->new( url => $arg{server_name} || $defau +lt ); bless \$self, $class; } my %method = map { $_ => "covers.$_" } qw( CoveredBy Longest Chain Cov +ered Bands URL ); $method{$_} = "system.$_" for qw( methodSignature listMethods methodHe +lp ); sub AUTOLOAD { my $m = (split '::', our $AUTOLOAD)[-1]; my $ret = exists $method{$m} ? ${$_[0]}->call( $method{$m}, grep { d +efined } $_[1] ) : croak "Undefined method $m called"; ref $ret eq 'ARRAY' ? @$ret : $ret; } 1; =pod =head1 NAME CoversProject::Client - Perl library to access the covers project (htt +p:// =head1 SYNOPSIS use CGI ':standard'; use CoversProject::Client; my ($server, @results, $query); $server = CoversProject::Client->new(); @results = $server->Bands(); print header, start_html; print ol(li(\@results)); print end_html; =head1 DESCRIPTION This module makes use of Ken MacLeod's XML-RPC module (Frontier::Clien +t) to provide easy access to methods provided by Chris Heschong's Covers Project (ht +tp:// =head1 METHODS =head2 new() Call new() to create a new XML-RPC client object. my $server = CoversProject::Client->new(); It will use as the default server. Yo +u can supply your own if you wish by using the server_name parameter. my $server = CoversProject::Client->new( server_name => 'http://my.o' ); =head2 ServerName() Simply returns the server your client is connected to. my $current_server = $server->ServerName(); =head2 Default() Returns the default server your client can connect to. my $default_server = $server->Default(); =head2 Covered() Returns an array of hashrefs containing songs originally performed by +the supplied argument that have been covered by other artists. my @results = $server->Covered('Cake'); foreach (@results) { print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . '<br />'; } =head2 CoveredBy() Returns an array of hashrefs containing songs that the supplied argume +nt has covered. my @results = $server->CoveredBy('Cake'); foreach (@results) { print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . '<br />'; } =head2 Bands() Returns an array containing all of the bands the server knows about. my @results = $server->Bands(); foreach (@results) { print $_ . '<br />'; } =head2 URL() Returns the Covers Project URL for a given artist. my $url = $server->URL('Cake'); =head2 Chain() Returns an array of hashrefs containing songs in a cover chain started + by the supplied argument. my @results = $server->Chain('Cake'); foreach (@results) { print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . ' was covered by ' . + $_->{'coveredBy'} . '<br />'; } =head2 Longest() Returns an array of hashrefs containing the chain at position (argumen +t). Use position 0 for the longest chain. my @results = $server->Longest(0); foreach (@results) { print $_->{'artist'} . ' - ' . $_->{'song'} . ' was covered by ' . + $_->{'coveredBy'} . '<br />'; } =head2 listMethods() This method lists all the methods that the covers project server knows + how to dispatch. my @methods = $server->listMethods(); foreach (@methods) { print $_ . '<br />'; } =head2 methodHelp() Returns help text if defined for the method passed, otherwise returns +an empty string. my $help = $server->methodHelp('covers.URL'); =head2 methodSignature() Returns an array of known signatures for the method name passed. my @sigs = $server->methodSignature('covers.Chain'); foreach (@sigs) { print @$_[0] . ' covers.Chain(' . @$_[1] . ')'; } =head1 BUGS If you have any questions, comments, bug reports or feature suggestion +s, email them to Brian Cassidy <>. =head1 CREDITS This module was originally written by Brian Cassidy (http://www.altern and was then rewritten and optimized by Ray Brinzer (http://www.brinze Many thanks to Ken MacLeod and his Frontier::Client module. Without it +, this would not have been possible. Thanks also to Chris Heschong ( for his most exc +ellent covers project ( and its XML-RPC interface (http://cov =head1 LICENSE This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify i +t as you wish. =cut

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