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It probably looks like overkill for your project, but you should consider looking into POE.

It would allow you to completely separate your timeout rules from your input processing.

There's a decent introduction to POE available. Matt Sergeant wrote up a good tutorial as well. (All of these are from the recent Documentation for POE? thread.)

I only started looking at POE this week, and I'm REALLY impressed with how easy it makes many things.

Here's code that does what you want. I'm sure there's lots of POE folks around who will be kind enough to point out improvements, this is only my 2nd attempt at a POE program.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use strict; # Use POE! use POE qw/Wheel::ReadLine/; # Need to do this on Cygwin #$/="\n\r"; $|++; POE::Session->create( inline_states => { _start => \&handler_start, gotLine => \&handler_gotLine, prompt => \&handler_prompt, timeout => \&handler_timeout, _stop => \&handler_stop, } ); $poe_kernel->run(); exit; sub handler_start { my ($kernel, $heap, $session) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP, SESSION]; # POE::Wheel::ReadLine gets you terminal input with command line # history. whenever a line is input, the 'gotLine' event # will run $heap->{wheel} = POE::Wheel::ReadLine->new ( InputEvent => 'gotLine', ); # ask for the prompt event to get run next $kernel->yield('prompt'); } sub handler_prompt { my ($kernel, $heap, $session) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP, SESSION]; print "You have 10 seconds to enter something, or I'll quit!$/"; $heap->{wheel}->get('Type fast: '); # this will make the timeout event fire in 10 seconds $kernel->delay('timeout',10); } sub handler_gotLine { my ($kernel, $heap, $session, $arg, $exception) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP, S +ESSION, ARG0, ARG1]; if(defined $arg) { $heap->{wheel}->addhistory($arg); print "Very good, you entered '$arg'. You get another 10 seconds. +$/"; } else { print "Got input exception '$exception'. Exiting...$/"; # setting this to undef will make our Wheel get shutdown $heap->{wheel}=undef; # setting a delay without a timeout number clears the event $kernel->delay('timeout'); return; } # run the prompt event again to reset timeout and print # new prompt $kernel->yield('prompt'); } sub handler_timeout { my ($kernel, $heap, $session) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP, SESSION]; print "You took too long, game over$/"; # setting this to undef will make our Wheel get shutdown # with no wheel, and no pending delay event, the kernel # queue is empty resulting in shutdown $heap->{wheel}=undef; } sub handler_stop { print "Session ", $_[SESSION]->ID, " has stopped.$/"; }


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    [hippo]: Make it an option?
    [Corion]: hippo: Yes, but I'm not sure that it's even worth the effort of implementing it at all...
    [Corion]: You'll only ever need that option if you have a long-running query whose results are not cached by your DB already, and in those cases I presume that the programmer will want to maintain the temporary tables themselves - I wouldn't know when to drop ...
    [Corion]: ... the temporary tables, and also don't have a good idea on how to create unique table names for them
    [hippo]: OIC. In that case leave it out but invite feature requests and see if any of the users suggest it. :-)
    [Corion]: Talking about this makes me realize that it's likely only a half useful idea. But it still would be convenient to have as an option...
    [Corion]: hippo: Hmmm - yeah, I could document it and wait for code implementing that option to show up ;-D

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