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package Excel; use strict; use warnings; use diagnostics; use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel; sub new { my $proto = shift; my $class = ref($proto) || $proto; my $self = {}; bless ($self, $class); $self->init(@_); return $self; } sub init { my ($self, $fname) = @_; $self->{workbook} = Spreadsheet::WriteExcel->new($fname); } sub getformat { my ($self, @fmts) = @_; my $format = $self->{workbook}->addformat(); # metafmts allows you define combinations of formats, like CSS # may be nested, may not be circular my %metafmts = ( header => [qw(bold blue)] ); while (@fmts) { $_ = shift @fmts; if ($metafmts{$_}) {push(@fmts, @{$metafmts{$_}}); delete $metafmt +s{$_}; next;} if (/default/) { $format->set_format(3); # commas, no decimals } elsif (/bigmoney/) { $format->set_format(5); # dollar sign, commas, no decimals } elsif (/money/) { $format->set_format(7); # dollar sign, commas, pennies } elsif (/pct/) { $format->set_format(10); # percent, two digit } elsif (/bold/) { $format->set_bold(1); # bold on } elsif (/sumline/) { $format->set_bottom(6); # double underline } elsif (/border/) { $format->set_border(1); # border all around } elsif (/size(\d+)/) { $format->set_size(0+$1); # size } elsif (/italic/) { $format->set_italic(1); # italic } elsif (/underline/) { $format->set_underline(1); # text underline } elsif (/left|right|center/) { $format->set_align($_); # alignment } elsif (/black|blue|red|green|purple|silver|yellow|gray|orange/) +{ $format->set_color($_); # colors } else { die "unknown or circular format string: $_"; } } return $format; } sub writecell { my ($self, $worksheet, $row, $col, $value) = @_; my ($val, @formats); if (!ref($value)) { $val = $value; @formats = qw(default); } elsif (ref($value) eq 'ARRAY') { $val = shift(@{$value}); @formats = @{$value}; } else {die ref($value);} my $fmtobj = $self->getformat(@formats); $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{ptr}->write($row,$col, $val, $fmtob +j); } sub write { my ($self, $worksheet, @vals) = @_; # if this is a new tab, create it if (!defined($self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{ptr})) { $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{ptr} = $self->{workbook}->addworksheet($worksheet); $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{row} = 0; $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{col} = 0; } my $row = $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{row}; my $col = $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{col}; foreach (@vals) { $self->writecell($worksheet,$row,$col,$_); $col++; } $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{col} = $col; } sub writeln { my ($self, $worksheet, @vals) = @_; $self->write($worksheet, @vals); $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{row}++; $self->{worksheet}{$worksheet}{col} = 0; } 1;

In reply to Handy wrapper for Spreadsheet::WriteExcel by nop

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