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Perl DoctorSo! What brings you in this morning, Mr. —Monk?
Just Another Perl
Well, Doctor, you see, I have this module...
Perl Dr.A swollen module, perhaps?

JAPHEh? Oh, no, it's quite small, actually... If anything, too small...
Perl Dr.Too small... Hmmm...
JAPHIt's called Update, and...
Perl Dr.I see. And when you run perl -c you get errors, right?
JAPHOh, no, no errors at all Doctor, but...
Perl Dr....warnings?
JAPHN-no, no warnings either, but...
Perl errors, then.
JAPHNo, the module works, but...
Perl Dr.(somewhat exasperated)...but it takes too long, is that it?
JAPHNo, but...
Perl Dr....eats up too much memory?
JAPHNo, it works perfectly, but...
Perl Dr.(with ill-concealed irritation) Congratulations, Mr. Monk! But let's get back to the reason for your visit, shall we?
JAPHWell, you see, it's this module Update I was telling you about...
Perl Dr.But by your description this module is in perfectly good health, Mr. Monk!
JAPHThe thing is... this module is very specialized...
Perl Dr.How so, Mr. Monk?
JAPHWell, hmmm, you see, Update exports only one subroutine...
Perl Dr.Oh, there's nothing wrong with that, Mr. Monk!
JAPH...called update...
Perl Dr.Hmm, Update::update... Did you ever read Lolita, Mr. Monk?
Perl Dr.Never mind, never mind... (Brief pause) Well, certainly, Update::update is not a terribly imaginative choice of names, but it's nothing to send you to the || for! (Winks)
JAPHYes, but, you see, Update::update does some very specialized things, and...
Perl Dr.Hmph. OK. Let's take a look at this Update::update, Mr. Monk...
sub update { my ( $url, $dir ) = @_; my @possible_suffixes = qw( .gz .bz2 ); my $basename = extract_basename( $url, @possible_suffixes ); my $local_file = "$dir/$basename";
Perl Dr.(mumbling) Takes a URL and a directory as args, m-kay... Extracts a basename from the URL, mm-kay... Oh, I see, maybe the URL points to a compressed file, mmm-kay... Generates a local filename from the basename and the input dir, mmmm-kay...
return if -e $local_file and not is_newer( $url, $local_file );
Perl Dr.(mumbling) ...returns undef if a local version of the file exists and the remote version is not newer, good, good...
my $temp_file = download( $url, TEMP_DIR ) or die "download of $url +failed";
Perl Dr.(mumbling) ...downloads remote file to a temporary location, very good,...
if ( -e $local_file ) { my $new_name = rename_file( $local_file, suffix( time ) ); compress( $new_name ); }
Perl Dr.(mumbling) Renames the local copy, if any, mmmmm-kay... Oh, I see, the new name has an extension based on the current time... mmmmmm-kay... Compresses the renamed local copy, fine...
move_file( $temp_file, $local_file ); maybe_uncompress( $local_file );
Perl Dr.(mumbling) Moves the downloaded file to its final destination, and uncompresses it if necessary, all good...
return 1; }
Perl Dr.(mumbling) ...returns 1 upon successful completion... mmm-kay! It looks fine, Mr. Monk! What are you concerned about?
JAPH(increasingly agitated) But don't you see what I mean?? It's so specialized, and...
Perl Dr.OK, OK, Mr. Monk, I see that Update::update is a somewhat specialized little function, but let's not jump to conclusions. Why don't you tell me more about Update::update's role in your life?
JAPHI use it to download data files from various sites; these data files are then used to generate secondary data files that are in turn used by several of my CGI scripts. I have these maintenance scripts, you see, run nightly by cron, they all use Update::update...
Perl Dr.It seems quite suitable for the task, Mr. Monk! So what if Update::update is a little specialized... I still don't understand the reason for your...
Perl Dr.Now, now, calm down, Mr. Monk. This is nothing to be upset ab—
JAPHEvery module I know of gets used all over the place, in different settings, but since I wrote it three years ago, Update has been used only in those few scripts run by cron every night, all very similar to each other, and... and...
Perl Dr.Re-lax, Mr. Monk. Let me reassure you, there is nothing...
JAPH(visibly conflicted) But don't you think it's weird to use a module here? Shouldn't I be using a script to do all this, and call this script from other scripts using system?
Perl Dr.(continuing unperturbed) worry about. Your module is working fine. It is producing the desired results. You should be happy!
JAPH(mumbling) Yes, but...
Perl Dr.(leading JAPH to the door) I suggest that you put this out of your mind, my friend. Go home, have a good night sleep. Just relax, mmm-kay? Everything will be fine.
JAPHOK, I will, ...but —
Perl Dr.Have a nice day, Mr. Monk.
JAPH(as the door closes)...but I want a SECOND OPINION!


Erratum extirpated. Thanks to the gimlet-eyed Dr. Zaxo.

Update 2: s/Dr. Perl/JAPH/ on one of the lines. Thanks to ambrus and castaway.

the lowliest monk

In reply to To script or not to script, that is the question... by tlm

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