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OK, so I was bored last night aso I decided to create my Perl Geek code. Much to my surprise I could not find one! So I wasn't bored anymore ;--)

So here is a preliminary version, with probably some missing fields and definitely some missing descriptions. Feel free to add yours, and next time I'm bored I'll compile them into a definitive one (and I'll write the decoder).

Perl Development

  • c core hacker

    c++++I am Larry Wall
    c+++I am or I have been a pumpkin
    c++I have patches in the last 3 releases of Perl
    c+I once had a patch
    cI post on p5p
    c-I read p5p

Perl Skills

  • W wizardry

    W++++I am Mark-Jason Dominus
    W+++I have to use no strict in most of my scripts
    W++I use closures and dynamically generated code
    W-I use strict but warnings are a pain
    W--strict? -w? Yeah right!
    W!I only write one-liners any

  • R regular expressions

    R++++I am Ilya or Jeff Friedl
    R+++I use (?<!pattern) and (?{code}) on a regular bases
    R++I have been known to use s///ee
    R+I understand "Death to DotStar" and when I have to use \1 instead of $1
    RI use regular expressions quite often but I am always a little uncomfortable with them
    R-why can't you do tr/&/&/ ?
    R--regular expressions is a fancy name for line noise
    R---I don't need no stinkin' regular expression, all of my data is XML

  • PU pack/unpack

    P++++I use pack and unpack to speedup my sort routines
    P!I pack and unpack my suitcase

  • MA map

  • E eval

  • M Modules

    M++++I am Damian Conway
    M+++Some of my modules are part of the core distribution
    M++I have one or more module on CPAN
    M+I write my own modules and use them as much as I can
    MI use modules from CPAN
    M-I only use modules from the core dstribution
    M--I don't like modules and I don't use them
    M!I only write one-liners any

  • O Objects

    O++++I am Damian Conway
    O+++I have written
    O!I am Tom Christiansen

  • C cgi

    C++++I am Lincol Stein
    C+++I write (good) books about CGI and Perl
    C++I use, the Template Toolkit and HTML::Parser
    C+I use and the taint mode
    CI use but I am not that sure my scripts are secure
    C-CGI is best done with print and parsing CGI queries by hand
    C--I try to avoid doing CGI at all costs
    C---What's that CGI thingie anyway?
    C!My company won't do CGI, it is not secure

  • D dbi

    D++++I am Tim Bunce

  • S sysadmin

  • X XML

    X++++I am Matt Sergeant or Clark Cooper
    X+++I have writen XML modules that ended up on CPAN
    X++I can tell how XML::DOM differs from XML::Twig and I use both
    X+I use XML::Simple
    XXML... that's on my TODO list
    X-Yeah I know, XML is great, but why is it such a pain to use?
    X--My boss would like me too use this XML thingie, I don't think so!
    X---What is XML?
    X!I HATE XML, it is a creation of the evil empire to destroy us all, I am Jon Barger

  • T Perl/Tk


  • PM Perlmonk

    WP++++I am Vroom
    WP+++I am a Saint
    WP++I am an Abbot or above
    WP+I have my picture on my homenode
    WPI Can't vote yet, but I will soon
    WP-I am not interested in Perl Monks
    WP--I am Princepawn

  • MO Perl Monger

    PM++++I am Brian D. Foy
    PM+++I founded a Perl Monger group
    PM++I participate in at least 2 Perl Monger groups
    PM+I go to Perl Monger reunions
    PMI am subscribed to a Perl Monger mailing list but I don't go to meetings
    PM!I don't need no stinkin' Perl Mongers

  • n usenet

  • o obfuscation

    o++++I won the OPC, I am BooK or Erudil
    o+++I participated in the OPC, I posted obfuscations on PerlMonks that have over 20 in rep
    o++I use a JAPH
    o+I wrote a JAPH but it is so pathetic I never use it
    oObfuscation is cool, I'm just not good at it
    o!I HATE obfuscation

  • CO conferences

    C++++I am Nat Torkington, Kevin Lenzo, Leon Brocard or Damian Conway
    C+++I have won a prize at TPC or YAPC (but I am NOT Damian Conway)
    C++I have given tutorials at TPC or YAPC
    C+I have given talks at TPC or YAPC
    CI have attended at least 3 TPC or YAPC
    C-I have attended at least once TPC or YAPC
    C--I have never attended TPC or YAPC, my company won't let me go
    C---I have never attended TPC or YAPC, and I have no desire to ever do so

  • G goof

    G++++I am Damian Conway or Michael Schwern
    G+++I have a Camel tatoo somewhere on my body
    G++I write programs that are valid in at least 2 languages including Perl
    G+I write Perl Poetry

Other Languages

  • LC C

  • LCC C++

  • LJ Java

  • LP Python

  • LPO Postscript

  • LCO Cobol

  • LS Smalltalk

  • LL Lisp

  • LA Assembly

Operating System

  • u unix

    B- BSD (use this unless your BSDish system is mentioned below)
    L- Linux
    V- SysV
    H- HPUX
    I- IRIX
    O- OSF/1 (aka Digital Unix)
    S- Sun OS/Solaris
    *- Some other one not listed

  • w windows

  • m mac

  • o other OS

    A- Amiga
    E- BeOS


  • Ee emacs

  • Ev vi

  • Eo other

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    [ambrus]: Corion: yes, it's a bit tricky. you can try to adjust the slides live to cover only a part of the screen, but it's still hard.
    [ambrus]: Corion: two very hard things about presentations I should try to work on if I have twenty times as much free time as in real life are:
    [Corion]: That's why I like HTML - it makes it relatively easy to resize stuff. Resizing with Powerpoint is much harder, or at least, I remember it being that way
    [ambrus]: (a) good sans serif fonts optimized for slides in a projector with coverage of the symbols needed for mathematical formulas in a sans serif font matching the text font well, and
    [ambrus]: (b) a good presentation system that lets the presenter quickly interactively edit the slides live during a presentation, to combine the advantages of blackboard and overhead slide styles in modern tech
    [Corion]: Heh - in university, I cheated on (a) by doing blackboard presentations using chalk. But those were 2 hour presentations, not quick/essential/ reduced presentations where you want to show something quick
    [ambrus]: (either on just one screen or two screens). this is necessary because
    [ambrus]: overhead slide plus blackboard is inconvenient because the lighting conditions are different and they require separate areas you can't quickly repartition, and typing on keyboard is faster and more convenient than writing on a blackboard
    [Corion]: (b) would be cool. I've thought about this doing Pod editing, and even simply regenerating/live updating the browser makes things much more interactive
    [ambrus]: modern computers have way enough processing power to allow this, at least for geeks who are willing to spend a few weeks to learn a tricky new user interface like vim

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