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You may get more words by searching.
From my own personal dictionary, including lots of arcane, obsolete, and dubious entries:
Longest: 6
Funny how many of these seem to be Germanic in origin.

Here's the code I used:

#!/your/perl/here # find word with most consecutive vowels and/or consonants use strict; use warnings; # treat y as a vowel, not a consonant my $VOWELS = qr/([aeiouy]+)/i; my $CONSONANTS = qr/([b-df-hj-np-tv-xz]+)/i; my $longest_vowels = {}; my $longest_consonants = {}; while (<>) { # only lower case (no proper names) # only single words next unless /^[a-z]+$/; $longest_vowels = find_longest( $_, $VOWELS, $longest_vowe +ls ); $longest_consonants = find_longest( $_, $CONSONANTS, $longest_cons +onants ); } foreach my $record ($longest_vowels, $longest_consonants) { my $length = (keys %{$record})[0]; print "($length) ", join( '', sort @{$record->{$length}}), "\n"; } ###################### # given word, regex, and hashref, # return a hashref with words having the longest consecutive regex mat +ch # hash should only have 1 key (longest length run), # hash value is array of words with "length" run sub find_longest { my $word = shift; my $regex = shift; my $previous = shift; # hashref # only one key should exist my ($length) = (keys %{$previous})[0] or 0; # find all matches in the current word my @matches = $word =~ /$regex/g; # reverse sort matches by length @matches = sort { length($b) <=> length($a) } @matches; foreach my $match ( @matches ) { # no more interesting matches? last if ($length > length($match)); # equal length, add to list if ( $length == length($match) ) { push @{$previous->{$length}}, $word; } else # new length, start new list { $length = length($match); $previous = { $length => [$word] }; } # uncomment to watch it run # print STDERR "$regex) ($length) $word"; } return $previous; }

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