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As I promised yesterday, here are several more strings which, when used as the argument to the "Waves obfuscation", produce some of the variations of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star":
# The THEME 'vV+[1]|:{aCCGG+AA-GGFFEED/D.E`^C/}:|GGFFEEDDGGFFE/E.F`*E~D=avV-[-1]|: +{bC+CECFCECDBCA-FG*C/}:|+E-G+D-G+C-G+B-G+E-G+D-G+C/C.D`@n*C~B-=bvV-[- +1]&n*G'; # Variation 1 'vV+[1]_|:{aDCBCBCBC+A-GF#GF#GF#GG#+ACBDCBAA~-G+EDCBA-GG~F+DCBA-GFF~E+ +CBA-GFE*D+A~-GB*Cr_}:|+A-GF#GF#G+A-GGFEFEFGFFED#ED#EFEEDC#DC#DED+A-GF +#G+ECA-GGFEF+DB-GFFED#E+C-GFE*G.~E`*D_=avV-[-1]{bC~+C~E~C~F~C@nE/r.C# +`*D/r.B`*C/r.A`*-FG/}+C-GEG*=b*+C-C+E~-G~+D~-G+C~-G~+F~-G*@o+ED/C/r.C +`E.C`*B[-2]=b*+C-CvV-[0]&nC&o*-GG/GrG'; # Variation 2 'vV+[1]|:CCGG@nGFFEEDDCCB-Gr+:||:|:GG~FF/E.D`E.F`*E~D:|C~/CB`C`*GG~+AA +~-GG~F#F~EE~DDCr:|vV-[1]|:*R+A-G/FFEEDDCr:||:CC~CB/C.D`E.F`^B/CC~CB/- +G.+D`E.F`^-G/Grr+C~CC~CBbAAb-G+A~A/-G.F`*Er+:|vV-[-1]|:_C+CBCDCBC-E+C +BCDCBC-F+CBCDCBC-C+CBCDCBC-A+AAbA-B+BBbB-C+CBC-A+AAbA--F+FEF-G+GF#G^- +C+C:||:_G+EEbEFEEbE-G+DDbDEDDbD-G+GF#G+A-GF#G-G+FEFGFEF-G+EEbEFEEbE-G ++DC#DEDC#D-G+CBCDCBC-G+BBbBCBBbB-C+CBCDCBC-E+CBCDCBC-F+CBCDCBC-C+CBC- +C#+C#BC#-D+DC#D-B+BBbB-C+CBC-A+AAbA--F+FEF-G+GF#G^-C+C:|'; # Variation 5 'vV+!40!+|:C/rC*G/rG*+A/rA-*G/rGrFrFrErErDrD*Cr:||:G/rG~*F#/rF~*E/rEb~ +*D/r-G+*G/r/G~F#~^F/r/F~E~^Eb/r/F#~G~^D/r/F~D~^C/r/C~E~^G/r/G~E~+^A/r +/A~C~^-G/r/E~GRG~F#RD~FRF~ERG~ERC#~DRF~DRB~C^r:|vV-!40!+|:RRRr/rErErD +rDrCrCrB*Cr:|vV-!40!|:/rCERECRFCRECrDrBrCrA-rFrGR+C-*C+:||:|:/rE-*G/r ++D-*G/r+C-*G/r+B-*G+:|-/r/C~E~^G/r/+C~E~^G/r/F~+A~-^C/r/E~G~^C/DrBrCr +-ErFrGr+Cr-Cr+*:|';


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