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As I promised yesterday, here are several more strings which, when used as the argument to the "Waves obfuscation", produce some of the variations of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star":
# The THEME 'vV+[1]|:{aCCGG+AA-GGFFEED/D.E`^C/}:|GGFFEEDDGGFFE/E.F`*E~D=avV-[-1]|: +{bC+CECFCECDBCA-FG*C/}:|+E-G+D-G+C-G+B-G+E-G+D-G+C/C.D`@n*C~B-=bvV-[- +1]&n*G'; # Variation 1 'vV+[1]_|:{aDCBCBCBC+A-GF#GF#GF#GG#+ACBDCBAA~-G+EDCBA-GG~F+DCBA-GFF~E+ +CBA-GFE*D+A~-GB*Cr_}:|+A-GF#GF#G+A-GGFEFEFGFFED#ED#EFEEDC#DC#DED+A-GF +#G+ECA-GGFEF+DB-GFFED#E+C-GFE*G.~E`*D_=avV-[-1]{bC~+C~E~C~F~C@nE/r.C# +`*D/r.B`*C/r.A`*-FG/}+C-GEG*=b*+C-C+E~-G~+D~-G+C~-G~+F~-G*@o+ED/C/r.C +`E.C`*B[-2]=b*+C-CvV-[0]&nC&o*-GG/GrG'; # Variation 2 'vV+[1]|:CCGG@nGFFEEDDCCB-Gr+:||:|:GG~FF/E.D`E.F`*E~D:|C~/CB`C`*GG~+AA +~-GG~F#F~EE~DDCr:|vV-[1]|:*R+A-G/FFEEDDCr:||:CC~CB/C.D`E.F`^B/CC~CB/- +G.+D`E.F`^-G/Grr+C~CC~CBbAAb-G+A~A/-G.F`*Er+:|vV-[-1]|:_C+CBCDCBC-E+C +BCDCBC-F+CBCDCBC-C+CBCDCBC-A+AAbA-B+BBbB-C+CBC-A+AAbA--F+FEF-G+GF#G^- +C+C:||:_G+EEbEFEEbE-G+DDbDEDDbD-G+GF#G+A-GF#G-G+FEFGFEF-G+EEbEFEEbE-G ++DC#DEDC#D-G+CBCDCBC-G+BBbBCBBbB-C+CBCDCBC-E+CBCDCBC-F+CBCDCBC-C+CBC- +C#+C#BC#-D+DC#D-B+BBbB-C+CBC-A+AAbA--F+FEF-G+GF#G^-C+C:|'; # Variation 5 'vV+!40!+|:C/rC*G/rG*+A/rA-*G/rGrFrFrErErDrD*Cr:||:G/rG~*F#/rF~*E/rEb~ +*D/r-G+*G/r/G~F#~^F/r/F~E~^Eb/r/F#~G~^D/r/F~D~^C/r/C~E~^G/r/G~E~+^A/r +/A~C~^-G/r/E~GRG~F#RD~FRF~ERG~ERC#~DRF~DRB~C^r:|vV-!40!+|:RRRr/rErErD +rDrCrCrB*Cr:|vV-!40!|:/rCERECRFCRECrDrBrCrA-rFrGR+C-*C+:||:|:/rE-*G/r ++D-*G/r+C-*G/r+B-*G+:|-/r/C~E~^G/r/+C~E~^G/r/F~+A~-^C/r/E~G~^C/DrBrCr +-ErFrGr+Cr-Cr+*:|';


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    [ambrus]: Corion: I mentioned that the unix event loop of Prima always wakes up at least once every 0.2 seconds. Have you found out whether the win32 event loop of Prima does that too?
    [Corion]: ambrus: Hmm - I would assume that the onDestroy message is sent from the destructor and doesn't go through the messageloop, but maybe it is sent when a window gets destroyed but all components are still alive...
    [ambrus]: Corion: partly deep source dive, partly just conservative coding even if it adds an overhead.
    [Corion]: ambrus: Hmm - no, I haven't looked at wakeup intervals ... I wonder why it should want to wakeup periodically because it gets a lot of messages from the Windows message loop (on Windows obviously)
    [ambrus]: (Alternately a deep source dive and then rewrite that event loop to make it better, and then as a bonus you get an idle method.)
    [ambrus]: The 0.2 seconds wakeup is likely a workaround for some bug, but I can't guess what bug that is.
    [ambrus]: It's been there since Prima 1.00 iirc
    [Corion]: Hmmm... Weird. Maybe it needs that for doing its timers or something. Still weird.
    [Corion]: But I guess I'll find out soonish, as my application seems to use Prima for more than just displaying the OpenGL output soonish ;))

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