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#!/usr/bin/perl # # master_timer # # Perl control script for X10 Firecracker module # Useful for simple crontab timer applications. Options are overly wor +dy # to make for easy crontab reading later on. # # Requires the ControlX10::CM17 module and Device::SerialPort module f +rom # CPAN. Not portable to Windows platforms; other portability unknown. # # 18-Mar-2001 by James Mancini - released into public domain use vars qw( $module $secure $action); use Device::SerialPort; use ControlX10::CM17 qw( send_cm17 0.05 ); use Getopt::Long; use strict; my %opt; $opt{fullcmd} = "$0 ".(join " ", map {$_ =~ /[ \[\]\*\{\}\;\>\<\&]/ ? +"'$_'" : $_ } @ARGV); options(\%opt); my $port = $opt{port} || "/dev/ttyS0"; my $serial_port = Device::SerialPort->new ($port,1); die "Darn! I Can't open serial port $port: $^E\n" unless ($serial_port +); # These are for the pass-through port on the Firecracker $serial_port->databits(8); $serial_port->baudrate(4800); $serial_port->parity("none"); $serial_port->stopbits(1); $serial_port->dtr_active(1); $serial_port->handshake("none"); $serial_port->write_settings || die "Failed to set serial params.\n"; if ($opt{secure}) { my $sleeptime = int(rand (31) * 60); print "\nSleeping $sleeptime seconds..\n" if $opt{verbose}; sleep $sleeptime; } my $action = ""; if ($opt{action} =~ /^off$/) { $action = "K" } elsif ($opt{action} =~ /^dim([+-][\d]+)$/) #dim can be + or - { $action = "${1}" } elsif ($opt{action} =~ /^bright([+-][\d]+)$/) #really the same as d +im { $action = "${1}" } elsif ($opt{action} =~ /^dim$/) { $action = "-14" } elsif ($opt{action} =~ /^bright$/) { $action = "+14" } elsif ($opt{action} =~ /^allon$/) # All lights on { $action = "O"; $opt{module}=""; } elsif ($opt{action} =~ /^alloff$/) # All lights off { $action = "N"; $opt{module}=""; } elsif ($opt{action} =~ /^masteroff$/) # All modules off { $action = "P"; $opt{module}=""; } else # Default action = turn module on { $action = "J" } $opt{module} =~ s/^[^0-9a-g]$//i; $opt{hcode} =~ s/^[^a-zA-Z]$|^[\w].+//; $opt{hcode} = "A" unless $opt{hcode}; $opt{hcode} =~ tr/a-z/A-Z/; my $cmd = "$opt{hcode}$opt{module}${action}"; print "\nSending $cmd...\n" if $opt{verbose}; send_cm17($serial_port, $cmd); $serial_port->close || die "\nclose problem with $port\n"; undef $serial_port; sub options () { my $opt = shift; GetOptions( $opt, 'action=s', 'hcode=s', 'module=s', 'secure', 'verbose', 'port=s', ); unless ($opt{module}) #print usage { print <<ECHO; Usage: master_timer [options] --module=[1-9a-g] *REQUIRED* Specify which module to send the command to. 16 modules are allowed per house code, numbered 1-9 then a-g (i.e, 10 = a, 16 = g). --action=opt {optional} 'opt' must be one of the following: [on|off|dim{-1-100}|bright{+1-100}|alloff|allon|masteroff] 'allon' and 'alloff' refer to all LIGHT MODULES, 'masteroff' turns off ALL MODULES. Default action is ON. --hcode=[a-z] set housecode for command. Defaults to housecode "A". --secure {optional} Add a random delay between 0 and 30 minutes before executing command. Useful for timer applications. Set the command to run at the EARLIEST time you want it to happen. --port=device 'device' should be the full path to the port, e.g. "/dev/ttyS1". Optional. If not specified, defaults to /dev/ttyS0 (COM1). --verbose {optional} Print status messages. ECHO exit (1); } }

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