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Here's how I finally got Gtk2-1.164 to build:

1) During the building of the Glib module, a file named Glib.def is created. Using Visual Studio's lib utility create, from Glib.def, an import lib named Glib.a as follows:
lib /OUT:Glib.a /DEF:Glib.def
With MinGW, the same can be achieved with:
dlltool --input-def Glib.def --output-lib Glib.a
Update: I made a mistake here. The command needs to be:
dlltool --input-def Glib.def --output-lib Glib.a --dllname Glib.dll
2) Repeat step 1 for the Cairo module.

3) Copy Glib.a to
and copy Cairo.a to
(I'm assuming a Strawberry Perl directory structure - modify accordingly.)

4) In the top level Gtk2 source folder run perl Makefile.PL

5) Open the generated Makefile and, to the EXTRALIBS and LDLOADLIBS entries (in the MakeMaker const_loadlibs section), append:
C:\strawberry\perl\site\lib\auto\Glib\Glib.a C:\strawberry\perl\site\ +lib\auto\Cairo\Cairo.a
6)Run dmake test. Gtk2 should compile, though some of the tests fail (including some segfaults).Here is the test summary that I got:
Failed Test Stat Wstat Total Fail List of Failed ---------------------------------------------------------------------- +--------- t/Gdk.t 4 1024 17 12 12-17 t/GdkDisplay.t 255 65280 24 47 1-24 t/GdkPixbuf.t 2 512 101 2 93 96 t/GdkProperty.t 255 65280 46 70 12-46 t/GdkSelection.t 255 65280 20 0 ?? t/GdkVisual.t 255 65280 24 32 9-24 t/GdkWindow.t 2 512 40 2 7-8 t/GtkFontSelection.t 1 256 9 1 8 t/GtkIconTheme.t 1 256 16 1 4 t/GtkIconView.t 5 1280 61 12 56-61 t/GtkImage.t 2 512 45 2 24 34 t/GtkScaleButton.t 5 1280 5 8 2-5 t/GtkStatusIcon.t 1 256 22 1 6 t/GtkTextView.t 1 256 45 1 44 t/GtkTreeSelection.t 255 65280 29 50 4-29 t/GtkTreeView.t 1 256 160 1 156 t/PangoCairo.t 255 65280 22 38 3-22 3 tests and 106 subtests skipped. Failed 17/206 test scripts. 148/4309 subtests failed. Files=206, Tests=4309, 86 wallclock secs ( 0.00 cusr + 0.00 csys = 0 +.00 CPU) Failed 17/206 test programs. 148/4309 subtests failed.
Step 3 is probably unnecessary - in which case one, obviously, has to change the string that's appended to EXTRALIBS and LDLOADLIBS in the Makefile in step 5.

There are probably other ways to get the job done - perhaps some of those ways are better than the method I used. This was just the first way I found of getting the job done.


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