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133592 Re: Re: ARGV problem on Win32 2001-12-21 00:09
133406 ARGV problem on Win32 2001-12-20 09:40
133009 Re: programming language 2001-12-19 07:11
131897 Re: Re: deleting all the elements of an array 2001-12-14 08:45
131855 Re: deleting all the elements of an array 2001-12-14 04:59
131767 Re: Password Protection for Web Page. 2001-12-14 01:20
131011 Re: What eats up less resources? 2001-12-11 22:53
121563 Re: Perl Web Browser? 2001-10-26 02:27
118236 Re: it's been awhile . . . 2001-10-11 19:33
117644 Re: An Egg(?) Timer 2001-10-09 08:16
116839 Re: Re: UBB Ultimate Crappity Board 2001-10-05 01:35
116327 Re: Launching a Win32::GUI app without launching a terminal 2001-10-03 05:34
115388 Re: Opening a locked file for reading 2001-09-28 17:31
114406 Re: When is it too soon to learn Perl? 2001-09-24 23:49
114186 Re: Re: LWP::UserAgent; HTTP::Headers; HTTP::Request; CGI; automated scripts 2001-09-23 21:29
114185 Re: LWP::UserAgent; HTTP::Headers; HTTP::Request; CGI; automated scripts 2001-09-23 21:04
113680 Re: making a spinner 2001-09-20 23:17
113661 making a spinner 2001-09-20 22:24
113190 Re: Reporting "percent done" while processing a large file 2001-09-19 00:00
112559 Re: @_ the default variable? 2001-09-15 01:54
112313 thinking... 2001-09-14 01:45
111613 Re: Re (tilly) 2: Perl vs Lisp/Java/C/C++ 2001-09-11 02:08
111609 Re: Anyone here familiar with Earthlink Web Hosting? Its running under Apache/Unix 2001-09-11 01:58
111232 Re: Perl vs Lisp/Java/C/C++ 2001-09-09 06:22
109595 Re: Installing Perl 5.6.1 on WinDoze 98 2001-09-01 05:56
104617 Re: Too much documentation? 2001-08-14 02:50
102291 Re: Perl VS Python 2001-08-05 07:45
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[ambrus]: Corion: some of these stupid syntax highlighters assume that too. just look at the table in http://perldoc. functions/pack. html for example.
[haukex]: ..."yet" ;-) I haven't had to deal with Dist::Zilla yet but I've heard about how it's a big setup
[ambrus]: I really don't like automagic stuff. I'm happy when computers do exactly what I tell them, even if that means they sometimes do the wrong thing.
[ambrus]: And I don't much like syntax highlighters. If you need a syntax highlighter to understand your code, then your code is written unclear.
[ambrus]: And if you need a syntax highlighter to color parenthesis green and numbers black and letters blue, then you're using the wrong font.
[ambrus]: I have to tolerate syntax highlighters when other people use them, but I don't use them myself. And sorry for the rant.

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