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11887 RE: Re: use Data::DRef qw( :leaf ); 2000-05-16 20:21
11449 RE: PerlMonks @ PerlCon 4.0? 2000-05-14 05:27
11444 RE: Re: Lookbehinds not recognized? 2000-05-14 04:56
11437 Lookbehinds not recognized? 2000-05-14 03:31
11089 NIST Atomic Clock Time 2000-05-11 02:50
10608 Re: Time Question 2000-05-08 18:25
10562 RE: RE: RE: Anonymous Monk's Logging 2000-05-08 04:56
10556 RE: Anonymous Monk's Logging 2000-05-08 04:13
10554 Re: largefile support 2000-05-08 03:52
10466 Thought I'd Give it a Shot 2000-05-06 19:42
10190 RE: RE: RE: User Requests Quest 2000-05-04 09:06
10137 RE: User Requests Quest 2000-05-03 22:26
10073 Re: Using Perl Modules 2000-05-03 15:00
9706 RE: RE: ability to leave a personal note 2000-04-29 16:21
8928 Re: Package variables 2000-04-25 14:48
8925 Package variables 2000-04-25 14:15
8813 RE: RE: Rounding function 2000-04-25 01:42
8633 RE: RE: forking from web 2000-04-23 03:31
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[choroba]: a young lady didn't want to let us into a compartment she was sitting in, but we had valid tickets
[Discipulus]: and milano is our mitteleuropa part..
[choroba]: then an old man came who had a valid ticket to the same compartment and they fought
[Corion]: hippo: Yeah, I might take that one so I don't get out of London too late if it comes to that ;)
[choroba]: she called carabinieri, the train had to stop and we had to testify to them. But we didn't miss the plane in the end.
[karlgoethebier]: good morning *
[Discipulus]: miracle choroba! and unbelivalbe carabinieri understood you
[choroba]: They even sent me a letter whether I'd be willing to come to Milano to testify in the court
[choroba]: I replied with "yes" but the trial never happened
[Discipulus]: dont be so sure choroba.. 11 years is not too long for an Eatalian judgement

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