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217033 Re: Re: Re: Christmas Wishlists 2002-12-02 19:26
216380 Re: Giving Thanks 2002-11-28 20:40
206974 Re: Strange Coding Tales 2002-10-22 03:21
206157 Re: Display # ++s & --s along with node reputation 2002-10-17 21:34
205520 Re: Choosing a database for a new project 2002-10-15 21:05
203841 Re: Is a Perl glossary necessary? 2002-10-09 06:37
201294 Voting Issues with Lynx (and other browsers) 2002-09-27 18:44
197721 Re: OT: Web Design - Catering to Everyone 2002-09-13 20:37
197574 Re: 200,000 nodes 2002-09-13 13:33
188020 Re: Organization of reviews? (and new nodes) 2002-08-06 13:41
188005 Re: OT: What's Your Soundtrack? 2002-08-06 12:54
186113 Re: Submitting A Module To CPAN 2002-07-30 00:38
185951 Re: Use modules or roll your own? 2002-07-29 11:43
185838 Re: Polls should be closed at 2002-07-28 13:54
150665 Re: Favorite Author 2002-03-10 04:40
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[Corion]: thezip: start "some title" path\to\that\ application, but that will open another console window
[Corion]: thezip: If you want to confuse your users, use system(1, "that\\command" );, which will make Perl launch it in the background
[Corion]: That will keep the console window open even though the user can't type into it anymore
[thezip]: So I have a script that generates a log file. After script completion, I want tohave VIM open this logfile.
[thezip]: i don't get the command line "back" until I close VIM. No what I want to happen...
[thezip]: I currently don't have access to CYGWIN, else I'd just do a tail -f on the logfile.

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