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Node ID Writeup Created
704101 Re: XML::FeedPP how to trap error 2008-08-13 15:43
694975 Re^3: ClearCase Programming 2008-07-01 16:07
689270 Re: Daemon, log4perl & stderr/stdout 2008-05-30 16:31
688893 Re^4: Daemon, log4perl & stderr/stdout 2008-05-28 18:00
688892 Re^4: Daemon, log4perl & stderr/stdout 2008-05-28 17:59
688759 Re^2: Daemon, log4perl & stderr/stdout 2008-05-27 22:25
688741 Daemon, log4perl & stderr/stdout 2008-05-27 21:10
669626 Re: 5.35 != 5.35 2008-02-22 18:41
668617 Re: How do you pronounce variable names? 2008-02-18 17:28
666208 Re: How to assign string "0" in short circuit 2008-02-05 04:56
653630 Re^3: help with WebService::YouTube 2007-11-28 19:06
653620 Re: help with WebService::YouTube 2007-11-28 18:28
652056 Re: CGI::Application - alternative to using $self->param? 2007-11-21 04:10
651624 Re: WWW::Mechanize and disabled form field 2007-11-19 09:32
651582 Re: Perl and MySQL update question 2007-11-19 04:35
649944 Re^2: Large Web Application Ponderings 2007-11-09 17:13
649542 Re: juggling multiple CGI::Application subclasses 2007-11-07 18:33
649304 Re: Subroutine overhead in Perl 2007-11-06 18:21
649299 Re^2: Sort AoH by another array 2007-11-06 18:10
649283 Re^4: Sort AoH by another array 2007-11-06 17:39
649132 Re^2: Sort AoH by another array 2007-11-06 01:38
649121 Sort AoH by another array 2007-11-06 00:34
647796 Re^5: need suggestions on Perl modules to support Encrypt Data 2007-10-29 07:00
647548 Re^2: Strange die message at print line: hacker attack? 2007-10-27 05:40
638893 Re: What I learned about passing POST data through a CGI redirect 2007-09-13 20:13
637883 Re: What makes a comment "obnoxious"? 2007-09-09 01:05
562368 Help with module naming, please. 2006-07-19 17:52
561076 Re: Find and Replace text script? 2006-07-13 20:40
560992 Re^2: easiest way to print the content of a hash? 2006-07-13 15:59
560174 Re: mod_perl and TT2...WITHOUT a calling script? 2006-07-10 16:00
559414 Re: Is there a method in LWP that lets me get a listing of all files available in a URL directory? 2006-07-05 19:06
557022 Re: mod_perl debugging help 2006-06-22 21:11
556826 Re: Filling out PDF forms with data from DBI? 2006-06-22 04:21
555550 Re^3: XML::Simple functionality with XML::Twig ? 2006-06-15 16:34
555527 Re: XML::Simple functionality with XML::Twig ? 2006-06-15 15:42
553917 Re: No PPM in fedora 2006-06-06 20:54
552911 Re^2: Feedback Appreciated on text-parsing, SQL querying subroutine 2006-05-31 19:29
552910 Re^2: Feedback Appreciated on text-parsing, SQL querying subroutine 2006-05-31 19:25
548526 Re^3: Basic Array Question 2006-05-10 17:53
540985 Re: Photo Database Application 2006-04-03 17:54
539500 Re^2: How to best pass on the context / wantarray? 2006-03-27 18:41
537221 Re^2: problems with extended ascii characters in filenames 2006-03-16 17:31
536688 Re: CGI::Session Simple Example 2006-03-14 20:32
531519 Re^2: file attatchment name 2006-02-20 20:26
527837 Re^3: (OT) MySQL query to limit and sort 2006-02-03 22:47
527829 Re: (OT) MySQL query to limit and sort 2006-02-03 22:12
525562 Re: Getting ID of last row inserted into database 2006-01-25 20:21
524586 Re: Best practices with Class::DBI 2006-01-20 21:39
524503 Re^3: generating pyramid number sequence 2006-01-20 15:51
524005 Re: Meta search engine found! 2006-01-18 16:03
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[Corion]: ambrus: My slides are mostly a list of things I want to talk about. But sometimes I want to point out interesting parts, or build up a larger image from small components. This is where animations/ highlights would come in well
[choroba]: what I like about slides in HTML + CSS is I can use templates to produce them, which means all code in slides is tested, and I can version them in git
[ambrus]: Btw, a request to everyone who organizes international conferences where presenters will show slides.
[ambrus]: In the document where you tell people how long the presentations are supposed to be, please also tell the aspect ratio of your projectors, because that's not obvious in advance.
[Corion]: ambrus: A more important point is that when constructing slides, you should respect a margin around your slide content of maybe 10% where no important information should be ;)
[ambrus]: If you don't do that, some people will be able to use only two thirds of the available screen area, or have to prepare three versions of their slides, each of which is a waste that you could avoid with one simple phrase in the call for papers.
[Corion]: As for somebody hosting national conferences, we don't always know the kind of connectors and aspect ratios available ;)
[ambrus]: Corion: well sure, but that's the similar to any printed document, and the margin is diminishing with today's technology. Video games no longer have to assume that the CRTs won't show the edges of the screen.
[Corion]: If you cram your slides with that much information, they might work in an "offline" situation but not very well for a live presentation IMO
[ambrus]: Corion: in that case I also ask the people who rent the conference rooms to tell conference organizers about the available tech.

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