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corenth's scratchpad

by corenth (Monk)
on Jun 01, 2004 at 18:57 UTC ( #358392=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Web Based Task Pool/Delegation software

My better half was talking to me the other day about needing a way to organize complex tasks in a fairly simple and transparent way which people in an organization would reference when needed...

This makes sense to me.


  • History
    • see when what and who of changes made to a task. In addition, want to ba able to backtrack more complex changes.
  • Messages
    • talking is a good thing...
  • Post/add/new
    • Build a new task
  • Edit
    • of course...
  • Pass/Delagate
    • Assign a task to someone else
  • Notes
    • just what is says(maybe most important part)
  • Authentication
    • yep...
  • other things
    • such as priority, alarms, reminders, CSS changes by feature used and user (good to know when in admin mode verses user)

How to Implement?

  • Store:
    • JSON/XML in flatfile
    • database
    • one file per task
    • one directory per task (with multiple files therein)
  • Parse:
    • ? ->Perl->XML
    • ? ->Perl->JSON
  • Display:
    • Perl->XML-> you
    • Perl->JSON->javascript (for continuous page loads & eyecandy)
    • CSS (yea, goes without saying)

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