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Flame's scratchpad

by Flame (Deacon)
on Jun 03, 2004 at 00:00 UTC ( #359844=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

my $world = new RealWorld; my $door = new Building::Doorway; $door->install(new Building::Door); my $head = new Body::Appendage::Head; while($world->populace =~ /idiot|moron|fool|nitwit|jerk/){ #Accepting +suggestions for other things to check for... $door->open(); $door->doorway($head); $door->close(); } $world->end(); #Life package still under development...
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[RonW]: Tunnel FTP through stunnel?
[james28909]: i guess i should have done it in perl. i bet it woulnt have taken me 5 hours to figure out haha
[choroba]: In the end, I was able to upgrade Perl from 5.8.3 to 5.22 and install Net::SFTP::Foreign , at least for the task involved
[james28909]: what would be the best way to capture that stream with perl? ffmpeg args -rtp rtp://
[LanX]: if I was forced to talk about all security risks I encountered oO
[james28909]: if i did that with ffmpeg, i could then listen on the port with perl right?
[LanX]: one of my clients filtered a menu linking to Web pages according to user rights. .. but he didn't secure the access to those unlisted pages

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