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bbfu's scratchpad

by bbfu (Curate)
on Jun 03, 2004 at 02:25 UTC ( #359886=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Here's a simple bash script to grep all the perl* perldoc pages. If you're on Windows, as I am at the moment, I recommend Cygwin, as it makes life so much nicer. :)

#!/bin/bash PAGER=/bin/cat for i in `perl -e 'print join " ", map { /^\s+(perl\w+)/ ? $1 : () } \ +`perldoc perl\`'`; do echo "$i:" perldoc "$i" | grep $* done

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[Corion]: I spent parts of yesterday digging into Filter::Simple to make it not change the line numbers of unfiltered code, but I think I need regex help (which will come in a SoPW I guess). I tried @lines = /((?:"...."|[^" \n]+)\n)/gs, but that matched on...
[Corion]: ... foo "\0\0\0\n" bar\n by matching the first \n instead of matching the four-bytes-in- double-quotes part
[Corion]: ... and I still don't understand why ;)
[Corion]: This is because Filter::Simple does some string-trickery, replacing all string literals with "quoted packed numbers"
[Corion]: I fear this might be a bug in the RE engine, but if it is a bug, even fixing won't help me because I need Filter::Simple for Filter::signatures , which provides signatures as a backwards compatibility feature for Perl <5.22 - and these ...
[Corion]: ... won't get a fix anyway ;) My plan B is to encode the string placeholders avoiding \r and \n

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