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digiryde's scratchpad

by digiryde (Pilgrim)
on Sep 02, 2005 at 14:57 UTC ( #488673=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

All I want to do is be in love with you
All I want to feel is your tender love
All I want to know is my world with you.

I want to loose myself in you.

A dream of my life in another person's place.
Happiness all around me.
Love is what I feel being with you being with me.

I want to find myself with you.

Tears stream down my eyes thinking of life without you.
My heart never left even though you had to go.
Tearing me in two fear of life without you.

I want to find the good in me from you.

All I want to do is be in love with you.
All I want to feel is your tender love.
All I want to know is my world with you.

From beyond this life your love is calling me.
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[Cosmic37]: greetings earthlings please can someone improve my pathetic perl knowledge
[Cosmic37]: I have 2 files each with datetime and other data in unknown order and I want to find rows from both files matching by datetime and output them combined/ concatenated
[Corion]: Sure
[Corion]: Do you have any specific interests or general Perl knowledge?
[Cosmic37]: should I slurp? should I grep? Noble Lords I wish you good karma and beg your advice
[Corion]: Cosmic37: Ah, see perlfaq4, about How do I compute the intersection of two arrays
[Cosmic37]: I am out of practice; I use Perl for scientific programming for number crunching

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