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mikeock's scratchpad

by mikeock (Hermit)
on Oct 13, 2005 at 15:26 UTC ( #499939=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Current code I am working on to upload specific files and specific folders to an ftp server.

Currently there is no ftp module loaded. !!This is a test peice of software!!

#!/usr/bin/perl use DirHandle; sub dunno{ system "cls"; print"Enter the path that you would like to search for\n"; chomp(my $path =<>); my $dir ="c:/$path"; my $dir2 = new DirHandle "$dir"; if(defined $dir2){ while(defined($_= $dir2->read)){ foreach my $dir3($_){ next if($dir3 =~ m/\.+/); #print "$dir/$dir3/\n"; dunno2($dir,$dir3); } } } } sub dunno2{ # Current limitations include only working if all D +irs include whatever filetpye. # Otherwise you end up with dir listings along with the fi +lename ## Below is a section of code that will be need for later use #my $type; #print "Enter the filetype that you would like to copy\n"; #chomp($type=<>); ## End commented code ## my $type = "*.pl"; my ($dir3,$dir4) =@_; # Getting values from the values pass +ed to sub my $dir5 = "$dir3/$dir4"; # Adding them together for use in the + file glob my @file = <$dir5/$type>; # or die "no $type in $dir5\n"; foreach my $list(@file){ # List all pl file found in dir my $list2 = $list; # Declaring for later use. Don't wamt to + clobber the original value my $list3 = $list; # Declaring for later use. Don't wamt to + clobber the original value #next if($list2 =! m/\w$/); $list2 =~ s/^(.+\/)(.+?)$/$2/; # Sets to filename **Works** #$list2 =~ s/^(.+?\/)(.+?)$/$2/; # Removes c:/ **Works** $list3 =~ s/^(.+?\/)(.+?\/)(.+?\/)(.+?)$/$3/; # Sets to fol +der name **Works** See note below # Had to remove the 4th search due to folder type on t +his laptop # Test portion of the script. Allow me to set and call routine +s, print statements, etc. # They are down here so that the code is easier to read. #print "$3"; #my $list4 = $list3; #$list4 =~ m/\w/; print "$list2\n"; } } dunno();
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