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mandarin's scratchpad

by mandarin (Hermit)
on Oct 06, 2006 at 13:28 UTC ( #576661=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

perl -CSAD -wE 'use utf8; use v5.16; my $ss =q{ss}; my $sz = q{}; my $css = q{SS}; my $csz = q{ẞ}; my $mss = q{sS}; my $ssm = q{Ss}; foreach my $o ($sz, $ss, $css, $csz, $mss, $ssm) { foreach my $i ($sz, $ss, $css, $csz, $mss, $ssm) { print qq{$o and $i : }; if ( fc($o) eq fc($i) ) { print q{equal} } else { print qq{not}}; print qq{\n};'}} and : equal and ss : equal and SS : equal and ẞ : equal and sS : equal and Ss : equal ss and : equal ss and ss : equal ss and SS : equal ss and ẞ : equal ss and sS : equal ss and Ss : equal SS and : equal SS and ss : equal SS and SS : equal SS and ẞ : equal SS and sS : equal SS and Ss : equal ẞ and : equal ẞ and ss : equal ẞ and SS : equal ẞ and ẞ : equal ẞ and sS : equal ẞ and Ss : equal sS and : equal sS and ss : equal sS and SS : equal sS and ẞ : equal sS and sS : equal sS and Ss : equal Ss and : equal Ss and ss : equal Ss and SS : equal Ss and ẞ : equal Ss and sS : equal Ss and Ss : equal
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