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Anonymous Monk, I know you're going to be upset that I still haven't figured this out. If you could possibly give me another hint or resource for solving this, I'd really appreciate it. Here is the latest attempt.

#! perl use strict; use warnings; use diagnostics; use Carp qw(cluck); use Tkx; use B::Deparse; #use YAPE::Explain; my $value; my $mw = Tkx::widget->new("."); my $frame = $mw -> new_frame(); $frame->g_pack(); my $ent = $frame ->new_entry(-textvariable => \$value); $ent->g_pack(); chomp $ent; print ">>>$ent<<<\n"; print "$ent\n"; $ent->configure(-validatecommand => [sub { $_[0] =~ /^(?:|-|\d+|-\d+)$ +/ }, Tkx::Ev('%P'), $ent], -invalidcommand => [\&lam_num_error,Tkx::Ev('%P'), $ent]); my $print_button = $frame->new_button(-text => "Print", -command => \&printx, -font => "ansi 10 bold"); $print_button->g_pack(); chomp $print_button; print ">>>$print_button<<<\n"; print "$print_button\n"; my $reset_frm = $mw->new_frame(); $reset_frm->g_pack(-fill => 'both'); my $reset_button = $reset_frm->new_button(-text => "Reset", -command => \&do_reset, -font => "ansi 10 bold"); $reset_button->g_pack(); chomp $reset_button; print ">>>$reset_button<<<\n"; print "$reset_button\n"; cluck ("$reset_button"); Tkx::MainLoop(); sub printx { print $value unless $value eq '-'; } sub do_reset { $ent->delete(0, 'end'); } sub lam_num_error { Tkx::tk___mmessageBox(-message => "The input must be an integer.") +; }