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You already have several good answers, so I'm not really adding much. However, I've not played much with opendir or readdir and I thought I'd like to play with them a bit. I didn't want a recursive solution, so I did it this way:

$ cat #!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use 5.10.0; use autodie; my $filespec = "abc*.xml"; my @dirs = ('ABC'); while (@dirs) { my $curdir = pop @dirs; opendir(my $dh, $curdir); for my $f (readdir($dh)) { next if $f =~ /^\.\.?$/; next unless -d "$curdir/$f"; print "pushing $curdir/$f\n"; push @dirs, "$curdir/$f"; } for (glob("$curdir/$filespec")) { print "processing $_\n"; } } $ perl pushing ABC/DEF pushing ABC/GHI pushing ABC/JKL processing ABC/abcde.xml processing ABC/JKL/abc_x.xml processing ABC/JKL/abc_y.xml processing ABC/JKL/abc_z.xml pushing ABC/GHI/baz pushing ABC/GHI/foo pushing ABC/GHI/bar processing ABC/GHI/abc_5.xml processing ABC/GHI/abc_6.xml processing ABC/GHI/bar/abc_1.xml processing ABC/GHI/bar/abc_2.xml processing ABC/GHI/bar/abc_3.xml processing ABC/GHI/bar/abc_4.xml processing ABC/GHI/foo/abc_8.xml processing ABC/GHI/foo/abc_9.xml processing ABC/GHI/foo/abc_a.xml processing ABC/GHI/foo/abc_b.xml processing ABC/GHI/baz/abc_{7}.xml

It's not particularly pretty, but it amused me for a few minutes. I didn't actually let it do file deletions because I'm loath to do automatic deletes until I've well tested such a script. It's a good thing, too. On my earlier attempt, a pair of bugs conspired to make the script "process" all "abc*.xml" files on my hard drive, rather than just those in the ABC directory.


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