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I know why he didn't post here -- he isn't actually interested in discussing this reasonably, he just wanted to exercise his brain/fingers -- I hope he had fun :)

gods is a bizzare choice for a page to mockup, it has no code

the nodelets are now collapsible -- hooray, more clicking for you :)     Its actually not a bad idea, I've had it myself a few times (when messing about with themes for Anonymous Monk or try out themes without changing display settings ), but the defaults aren't great for Anonymous Monk -- chatterbox at least should be shown by default

The biggest mistake is the navbar now permanently takes half the screen -- a detriment to both readability and navigability

Oh, an ROUNDed form text input fields, <sarcasm> wow, readability just tripled ! </sarcasm> :P

Also, some of the themese have dark text on dark background -- silly oversight for these bare-bones themes

Lots of his comments have been discussed in Site facelift? ( regarding memories of 1995/1990s ),
RFC: A Design Proposed for Anonymous Monk (logged out view) ( re improved readability),
PM redesign: status update ( re improved navigability ) / Re^3: PM redesign: the mobile experience ( re improved navigability )
perltidy in PM posts

But FWIW, I do appreciate the nudge, I wouldn't complain if The Monastery Gates are improved with an additional header before the ad


But I understand about benefits of a Perlmonks account