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Hi all,
I have read that Wx is faster than Tk, which makes me want to use it.
I will also need to use AnyEvent in order to do asynchronous HTTP requests and IO file operations. The solution thus seems to be Wx + AnyEvent.
But i have a dilema because of what AnyEvent's documentation says :

There is no direct support for WxWidgets (Wx).

WxWidgets has no support for watching file handles. However, you can use WxWidgets through the POE adaptor, as POE has a Wx backend that simply polls 20 times per second, which was considered to be too horrible to even consider for AnyEvent.

AnyEvent knows about Wx, however, and will try to load POE when detecting it, in the hope that POE will pick it up, in which case everything will be automatic.

Thus, i am considering using Tk or Gtk2/3 instead.

Could someone with some experience in the matter give me their opinion ?

I wouldn't like to start a project with a GUI Toolkit, and realize when the project gets bigger, that the GUI is too slow so i have to restart it from scratch.

PS : I didn't mention Tkx, as it is not mentioned in AnyEvent's documentation. Gtk3 is not mentioned either but i guess it will work, as it relies on Glib which works with AnyEvent.