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.pm is usually for modules which don't usually take arguments in the way you seem to want. So, I'd recommend changing the name to, or something more descriptive as it sounds like it's doing a lot. I would highly recommend URI as mentioned by space_monk

use URI; my $url = URI->new( $ARGV[0] || die "Give a URI\n" ); $url->scheme =~ /https?/ or die "This is not a URL we can use...\n"; print $url, $/, $url->host, $/, $url->path, $/; __END__ perl ~/ /moon

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Re^2: Unable to split $ARGV[0] variable. Can it be done?
by Doozer (Scribe) on Dec 11, 2012 at 09:12 UTC
    Thanks to everyone for the help and suggestions on this. I have sorted it now using inspiration from the responses.

    I didn't use URI in the end as it was overkill for what I actually wanted to do. I will however keep it in mind if we decide to evolve our current test

      I'm glad you worked it out but I caution you against thinking that one line of code is overkill, right? URI is an excellent package (set of packages really) that is not going to surprise you or let you down on edge cases and you can see from the example how dead-simple it is to apply. This kind of OOP in straightforward/short code isn't overkill as much as it is applying standards and preparing for future growth; growth which visits short scripts much more often than intended.