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Please explain your criteria for "lowest value."

"Lowest value" is singular, but your narrative and requirements treat it as if it meant "the two lowest values (plural)."

So why not "three lowest"? ... or "four?"

P.S added:

And how if understanding a hash is "a little complicated to me" how did you manage to write

011: @array_element_pos{@values}=(0..$#values);
012: $i=$array_element_pos{$min};

You seem to be stuck at the same old stand (Re: How can one create a folder B in D drive and save results in a text file inside B using perl script?) -- presenting incoherent questions and, when you include code, doing so with samples that appear to be beyond your competence, cargo-culted in bits and pieces, or un-compilable.

Please, do yourself (and us) a favor, and get the basics right (yes, hashes are among those basics). You'll find that further learning comes easier.