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I run a perl binary with a perl interpreter from my perl program with system.

Both perl binary I run with system and my perl program that runs it require the library (module) for inclusion. The 'parent' perl source gets it with perl's -I flag. I assume it is always 'all right' and my module is always found.

What I want is to pass that -I flag to the 'child' program as it is/they are specified for the 'parent' program.

I think to formulate this task as 'to get all of the flags supplied for the current Perl interpreter' should be okay as I can get the matching qr{^-I} flags then.

The problem is: how can I get my Perl's interpreter's runtime flags? perlvar was no much help to me. Where should this info be found?

In details, I'd like to test my bin/stuff run from my t/555-test.t. By far the test will be supplied the '-I' flags from both 'prove' and 'make test' as well as need no the '-I' flags after being installed so I'd like to have my '-I' flag for my Perl interpreter to run it in the system() exactly the same as for my test being performed.

Can this be done?

Thank you.