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Don't just patch the POD. Patch the module! See RE: RE: File::Find. I'm not aware of a single modern system where having that on by default makes sense. Any system that supports CD-ROM drives should not have it turned on by default, for example. And it is all Win32 file systems, not just remote samba file systems that are incompatable with it. Most Unix systems support quite a few file system types that don't follow the "nlink" rule.

Of course, I and others have tried to patch this multiple times and none of the patches have ever been accepted. I think File::Find just has too much bad history behind it and what we really need is a replacement that

File::Recurse might be such a replacement but I'm worried that it isn't being maintained. So I'd rather people put work into something like that (and getting it bundled with the base Perl distribution) than banging their head against the brick wall that is the "nlink" trick in File::Find.

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