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Good day all i am learning CGI using perl and i developed simple script that redirect a user based on form selection to a given website. the code follows below.

if($query->param('op') eq "ds") { print $query->redirect($query->param('website')); }else { print" <html><head><title>Web redirection</title></head> <body> <form action=\"\" method=\"post\" > <fieldset> <legend>Kindly select a website to visit</legend> <strong>Select a website form the list:</strong> <select name=\"website\"> <option value=\"\"></option> <option value=\"\"></option> <option value=\"\"></option> </select> <input type=\"hidden\" name=\"op\" value=\"ds\" > <input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"Browse the web\"> </form> </body> </html>"; }

The issue here is the code does not redirect the user to the selected website it gives this respond code on the browser.

Status: 302 Found Location:

Please i kindly need your assistance and comments thanks in advance.