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I am having problems with Perl/Tk windows. Certain ones have the feature that if you obscure them with another window - wholly or partially - then reveal them again, the window contents are missing - wholly or partially again. I have found this with both mySplashScreen and Message windows. How can I avoid this happening, or is this a "feature" of these objects? Sample code I have been using:
use Tk; require Tk::mySplashScreen; use strict; use warnings; my $s = mySplashScreen -> new ( -image => '', -text => 'testing, one, two, three...' ); for my $n (1 .. 10) { print "$n\n"; sleep 1; } $s -> destroy;
use Tk; use strict; use warnings; my $mw = MainWindow -> new; my $m = $mw -> Message (-text => "testing, one, two, three...") -> pac +k; $m -> update; for my $n (1 .. 10) { print "$n\n"; sleep 1; } $m -> destroy; print "Done\n";
If this feature is unavoidable for these objects, is there an alternative type I can use? All I am trying to do is display a message window that remains on the screen while a called application (a scanner program) runs. I cannot believe how difficult it is to achieve something so basic. I have tried Google and turned up nothing for this.