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Hi Monks - Hoping for help on two questions regarding the Maintaining of a CPAN Module.

The first one is very basic - but I want to be sure:

As a co-maintainer, if I want to update a module do I have to do anything other than simply upload a version of that module with a higher version number? - Wikipedia indirectly seems to say so but I just wanted to be sure.

My second question is regarding ongoing maintenance:

Recently I was pointed to git and told that its a good option for holding code. I just want to make sure that I dont end up with two places to check on bug reports from although I would appreciate any kind of fixes that people would want to submit. Also, code versioning will not be what I use git for - I use SVN for that. So the main advantage will be collaboration.

So my question is: Does it make sense to also host on git? or is that just redundant? Has anyone found that hosting on git encourages people to submit fixes?