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Use a hash table with an array ref for each entry, doing something like push @{ $height{$input} }, $value; after parsing each line into $input and $value; leaving you with something like this:

%height = ( 'house' => [ string1, string2 ], 'table' => [ string3, string4 ] )
and @{$height{house}} would be all the values for house in an array

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Re^2: What would be the easier way
by zee3b (Novice) on Mar 04, 2013 at 01:12 UTC
    hey, im sorry i didnt really get that since ive started using perl recently, can you explain this part to me a little @{ $height{$input}} What will my array be called then? Thanks!
      @{ $whatever } de-references the array ref $whatever so you can use the reference as an array. Your data are contained in array references which you need to de-reference with @{ } to use as arrays.
        That is not an array, but an array reference.