I'm sure that some of you have noticed the "Vote for paco" line in my sig. I just checked and, as of this writing, paco's lone node has a rep of 82. I thought it was an amusing little post and I certainly encouraged voting for him through my sig, but I'm wondering if I should put a stop to this. Any thoughts? If I keep this going long enough, paco could potentially hit the Best Nodes list. Just thought I would take a poll of monks and I'll take that line out of my sig if enough object to it.

Incidentally, when I first made that post, there was some discussion in the CB (not initiated by myself) regarding making paco the 'unofficial' mascot of Perlmonks. I took that to mean that some people appreciated the tongue-in-cheek attitude behind the post, though I'm sure that others don't.

Note: No, I'm not advocating making paco any sort of mascot or anything like that. Just wanting to poll fellow monks about whether I should remove that line from my sig.


Vote for paco!

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