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Hey there monks,

I'm working on a unix environment and perl version 5.16.3

I wanted to create a basic program using threads, so I could understand the basics of it. But, I facing some problems.

I have a variable named "$test". I want to print this variable every time it is increased by one in the while loop

I'm using the following code:

use threads; use threads::shared; my $test :shared; $test = 0; testing_thread(); sub testing_thread { my $thr1 = threads->create(\&progress_count, $test); while ($test <= 100) { $test += 1; } $thr1->join(); } sub progress_count { print $test, " \n"; }

When I excute the script, it only prints the variable $test for one time and that is when it is "101"

Anybody some thoughts on how to print every value of the variable $test? Help is much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance