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I am processing a webpage with Perl using IO::All and the io($url) function.

The pages I am processing ostensibly have well formed URLs. e.g. +search:_filter:All%20industries_filter:All%20countries_filter:All%20s +tates

Note the #page:15_ portion of the url

When I view the source or print out the source return fromm io() I see names that appear on page 1 of the website, e.g.,

<!-- Start: list_row --> <tr> <td class="rank">1</td> <td class="company"> <a href="/profile/carlos-slim-helu/"> <img src=" +helu_50x50.jpg" alt=""> <h3>Carlos Slim Helu & family</h3> </a> </td> <td class="worth">$73 B</td> <td>73</td> <td>telecom</td> <td>Mexico</td> </tr>

However, if I open the page up in developer tools in the browser and look through the object model (HTML tab in IE)I see the entries in the list for the people I expect to see on page 15 e.g.,

<TR> <TD class=rank>1342</TD> <TD class=company><A href="/profile/park-hyeon-joo/"> <IMG alt="" src=" +eon-joo_50x50.jpg"> <H3>Park Hyeon-Joo</H3></A> </TD> <TD class=worth>$1 B</TD> <TD>54</TD> <TD>Mirae</TD> <TD>South Korea</TD> </TR>

Can I get Perl to open the page and give me the right contents?

Someone suggested looking at Mechanize. I have looked at pQuery and Web::Query. The ->text methods just return the data from page 1, not page 15.

Is there a way to keep the url "alive" until it refeshes with the correct content?

Thanks in advance