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Does my environment have anything to do with this?

You check that with perl -V command, because PERL5LIB isn't the only one

Although even that won't dump your cpan|cpanp|cpanm configurations

Under perlbrew, CPAN clients install architecture-specific files in a common tree, i.e.

That doesn't seem like a perlbrew issue :) see INSTALL_BASE

Although you could argue if perlbrew doesn't protect you from yourself ( from your INSTALL_BASE overrides ) what is perlbrew good for?

An alternative to perl brew (not a bash script) is perlall - build, test and do with all perls

Although, it's about as easy to manage multiple perl's yourself without either, for how I do it see sh Configure -Dprefix=~/p-5.8.1/, win32 configure steps/Fix_pl2bat