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 $my index;

at the beginning of your script.

my $index; my @message; my $input = 10; for my ( 0..$input-1 ) { $message[$_][0] = "element 0"; $message[$_][1] = 42; } print "The second array has ", scalar( @{ $message[1] } ), " elements\ +n"; print "They are:\n"; for ( 0..$#{ $message[1] } ) { print "\t", $message[$_][1], "\t", } print "\t", $message[1], "\t", $message[0] ,"\n";

$_ is a special variable that acts as your $index would if you omit it. Google for perl special variable $_ examples for more info.

marto, the responses in his previous post were excellent but VERY technical. Unless you are familiar with perl and programming lingo, they may be difficult to understand.