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Without perlbrew, perl installation switch in win32 is a Minotaur to me. I've been sticking to 5.10.1 for years, building ,testing all around it and hope that the day of upgrading never come.

But life can't be always smooth. Recently I have to upgrade my perl to 5.16/5.18(yes, it's you! who make your modules require 5.16+! you ruin my life! ;) ) Before I start to test all modules manually.(nightmare!) I'd like to ask monks here:

is there a safe/standard/smart way to detect, build, test, and switch all modles from low version perl to the high on in Windows ?

Thanks in advance


Many many thanks monks replied!! I did some work with your help in couple of days, and think the final solution is portable strawberry perl + cpanm/ExtUtils::Installed. Portable strawberry perl provides a very handy tool portableshell.bat to let user switch various perl in machine.

And next step is using cpanm or other modules(ExtUtils::Installed) like it to list all modules installed and install to the new directory.

I've now installed 5.16.3 strawberry perl and doing all tests on it. Thanks again for your generous help! hope the author of perlbrew could consider supporting windows platform in next version.

I am trying to improve my English skills, if you see a mistake please feel free to reply or /msg me a correction