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I suggest that we try as much as possible to work by consensus ... if such a thing can be had ... because, even though there are a lot of “visual clods” in it (including silly-stuff, like the fact that the pictures in the top-of-screen rotation have no anti-aliasing thus “jaggies”), and some things that I wish would be changed (like Anonymous Monk and the content-evaluation system), there are many things about the site that do still work admirably well.   I would like for there to be continue to be o-n-egoto site about Perl,” and for this site to continue to be “it.”   Although the site is admittedly ugly, it is functional and it contains many years’s worth of a cornucopia of information.   That’s what’s important – vital – about PerlMonks, not so much its irritating warts and ugly looks.   A “fork” never quite turns out right despite best intentions.