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Yes, I had it dump the complete array to a file the last time, and the winning set "painters" only gets 292 words from my script. I had a feeling it could miss some somehow, but I can't quite figure out how yet.

Update: I see the problem now. Let's say "painters" is the 100th word, and "at" is word #2 and "not" is word #3. "not" gets added to bucket #2 along with "at" because it can fit, but now "painters" can't go into that bucket. And since "at" has already been placed in bucket #2 and possibly bucket #1, it can't be placed in bucket #100 with "painters" or in any of the buckets in between that "painters" might be in.

So to make my approach work, I guess once all the words have been placed in at least one bucket, I would have to go back through them again, retrying them against each bucket past the one they started in. And even then I'm not sure you'd be guaranteed to get a bucket with the best possible combination.

I had a nagging feeling there was a problem like that, but I needed a night's sleep to see it.

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