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Greetings fellow monk ,

I'm sorry but i ( strangely ) don't have sendmail installed on my machine , but i do have a package and i gave a look at it to give you this help before the heavy cavalry arrive and solves this

I thought that sendmail , being an old program , and widely used , there must be a good documentation . In my package , there is no less than 12 man pages ... Among these , i might advise you to look at the 'aliases' , 'praliases' and 'newaliases' ( doing a 'man aliases' , and so on , on the command line ) . But also , certainly , if you don't find your heart's desire , try 'man sendmail' , there'll be certainly there directives to tell you where to look at ...

Tomorrow , i'll install on my machine ( i really don't know how come i don't have it ... ) , and i'll pass by to tell you more if nobody else showed up here .

In the meantime , good search in the man pages ...

the little one.

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Re: Re: cpantest and mail-settings
by Hanamaki (Chaplain) on Aug 20, 2001 at 17:41 UTC
    nehlwyn, thanks for your kind words. Actually I allready scanned through sendmails and mails manpages, had a quick view on some linux how-to's but while manpages are quit helpfull for stuff one allready knows its pretty hard to learn new stuff. Especially sendmail I view as on of the more difficult beasts on Linux.

    BTW, I am here on a Ethernet conected Workstation. I am almost the only user of that machine, but the problem is "almost". So its impossible to set the whole machine on my preferences. I have to find a way to do it just for user Hanamaki.

    Anyway my mail needs (Gnus) are quite satisfied and I don't have the time to learn Sendmail at the moment. nehlwyn, I am really thankfull for your kind offer, but I think its no god idea to do things for other people (=me) who are just to lazzy to research things by their own.
    I anyone of the follow monks have a quick answer, because they allready know the answer I am quit happy to listen to their wisdom, but don't do the research I should do.

    If I won't get an answer I probably will try a fix of the cpantest script; maybe plugging in something I know better like the "Net::SMTP" module.

    For any good answers I will promise 50 (fifty) CPAN tests as community service;-)