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Hello monks,
I am working on a perl app for non-tech-savvy people. 'Install module X from cpan' is not gonna fly. The app uses DBI and Perl/Tk. I package it as a standalone .exe on Windows with PAR::Packer, and that's working fine. The big question is whether the same thing can be done on OS X. My brief googling shows that tk and pp exist for OS X but they may require some other software or installing a different version of perl instead of using the preinstalled version.
What's the current state of affairs? Can pp create a standalone executable from an app with a Perl/Tk gui? If it's possible, can mac monks point me in the right direction? I don't have a mac so I'd have to remote control somebody who has one... if it takes a lot of troubleshooting/hacking it's not gonna happen.