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I want to read tags in MP3 files to reorganize my music files. The general order to do this is

If MP3Tag(album) is "Top 1000" and current directory is NOT /home/rgammon51/Temp/Music/Various THEN move file to /home/rgammon51/Temp/Music/Various/Top1000.

Its the MP3Tag thing that I search for. General web searches do not turn up anything useful.

I am fairly certain that I can do the rest of the file processing. I want to make this general so that "Top 1000" is passed as a parameter to the program.

The issue is that most music managers INSIST that a single artist appears on an Album. Movie Soundtracks are just one example of where that is simply NOT true.

Google Music ruined the organization that I want for my music files, on Google and on my computer due to this INSISTENCE on a single artist per album.