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Actually something along these lines would make sense to me, because i suspect some sort of problem with the fact that my windows being a 64bit system.

One of the differences between 64bit and 32bit is of course the different return values for the sizeof() function in c.

I think if one is not careful there, some code segment could easily work like a charm on windows 32bit but cause serious problems on windows 64bit.

I installed the DBI- and DBD:ODBC-packages using something like cpan install DBI calling the cpan.bat from the 64bit-installation of strawberry perl (again 5.18.1).

So i thought the packages beeing installed should definetly be working on windows 64bit. But maybe this is just not necessarily the case?

It is a fresh perl-installation and the only thing i added were the two mentioned packages and the Modern:Perl-package to test the code suggested above.