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To everybody, who says, my code is hard to read, obfuscated:
At first, I did a normal code with line breaks and indentations.

It's my programming style to condense code blocks, only if they have one statement inside of it. To me, it actually makes easier to understan the program from the big perspective, when the program has a lot of code. When I see one line, that performs some simple action, it's easier for me to understand the program from the whole code perspective, then to folow one simple action line-by-line and not being sure if the program is at the next logical step, or still at the current action. It actually allows me to get rid of or simplify the comment description at certain points of code. I've noticed, when comments don't distract the code, in certain cases, it's easier to understand it's structure.

I tried to run an uncondensed code, but it has the same problem.
thanx for criticizm.