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Framework: Spring

Spring is a massive framework. People use it for many things. Depending on what you use it for, there are many different Perl modules you want to try out.

Start with Moose. If you want an IoC container, add in Bread::Board. For database access, use DBI and possibly DBIx::Class. For web-based MVC development, add in Catalyst. For testing, Test::More and its friends.

ORM Framework: Hibernate


Application server: Jboss/Glassfish

For web-based applications, use any web server supported by Plack, such as Starman. For other applications, most Perl programmers tend to get by without this sort of thing at all. Ubic may be of interest I suppose.

Logger: Log4J


Build Tool: Ant/Maven

ExtUtils::MakeMaker or Module::Build.

Mail related things: Java Mail API

Either Mark Overmeer's Mail::Box framework, or RJBS's more loosely coupled mail modules (Email::Simple, Email::Sender, etc). If your needs are very, very basic, also consider Mail::Sendmail.

XML: JDOM/dom4j

XML::LibXML for general XML processing. If you need to marshall/unmarshall objects to XML, then XML::Rabbit marries XML::LibXML with Moose.

Reporting: Jasper Reports


Authorization & Authentication: JAAS


Naming and Directory services: JNDI