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Well now, isn’t this just “gang up on another Monk” Thursday?   Never mind.   You post in your own way, and I’ll post in my own way, and I promise that I’ll never criticize your writing style, let alone with (uhhh...) metrics.

(Unfortunately, this forum software doesn’t have an ROTFLMAO icon ... the irony of this.   But, you know, this sort of thing, is not what this forum is for.   Please, stop.)

Computer forums have always had a very interesting social metric ... technical forums, ever-so-much more so.   They are both a place for source-code (in spite of saying that “this is not a source-code writing service,” PerlMonks very much is ...), and for opinion, and for Meditations.   As for me, I want to hear the opinions of others.   I already know how to write the source code.