This post is about the immature Perl 6, not the rock solid Perl 5

Jonathan Worthington has just delivered a presentation at YAPC::EU discussing Rakudo performance work over the last 12 months. There's a video of the talk and slides.

The presentation includes a look at benchmarks comparing a recent Rakudo (on MoarVM) with the 2013.08 release of Rakudo (on Parrot) and Perl 5 v20. I'm curious what folk make of the numbers on page 76.

He also revealed a new profiling tool. Update: Here it is profiling some P6 code.

If any readers have tried Perl 6 but found it too slow, now might be a good time to try again; you should find that it's a lot faster than it was, and if it isn't fast enough for your use case it's now a lot easier to both see what's making it slow and to make it faster.